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Your rights if you hate your haircut

When a high street store goes under or a tour operator goes bust, there’s loads of advice available on your rights and legal protections.
But have you ever wondered what your rights are if you hate your haircut?
Well, we’ve wondered. After all, most companies are more likely to put things right if they can see that you know your legal position and mean business.
Your rights if you hate your haircut
If your hair has been massacred by the stylist, the best thing to do is complain on the spot and refuse to pay full price. Explain why it’s not what you wanted and how it’s different to what you asked for. Then you can demand a different stylist fix it or that you’re offered a substantial reduction.
To have legal backing, you need to be able to show that the cut is substandard, by proving that it’s not what you asked for or that it’s wonky.
If the salon refuses to refund you, then get opinions from other hairdressers and take photographs so that you have evidence it was a faulty cut and not just personal preference.
Most salons will simply refund you or offer to correct the damage, as they won’t want to damage their reputations.
Sadly, if you smiled, paid and went home before deciding you hate it then you’ve damaged your chances of a refund. But again, most salons will want to protect their reputation and will try to put it right.
Having said that, if they don’t then your last resort would be a small claims court, which can seem a little extreme for a bad cut. At this point, I’d settle for leaving detailed online reviews of the salon, so that others don’t suffer the same fate.
And if you’ve had a bad cut then remember that the difference between a good cut and a bad cut is about a fortnight. Fortunately, it will grow back.

Also,I would like to say - don't forget that your stylist is a human too. And everyone can do a mistakes sometimes,even if they have a lot of years of experience. It will be better to tell everything without shouting and rude words. Just tell what's wrong and listen their arguments. I am shure 90% of stylists will be happy to correct their mistakes. It's better to sort everything out peacefully.

xoxo,Seven Moons.

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